Distribution steps

Goal: After preparing an 'ideal machine, take an image from that machine and use that image to mass distribute that software to all the machines on your schools network.

Steps ...

  1. Your image should of already been made and will be sitting on the Loop WDS server (more details here)

  2. Distributing your school image
    • Goal
      To load the image to your schools clients you will need a 'key' (DVD/USB or Password) from Geoff.
      1. (Method 1)The best method is for the user to press the F12 function key, enter your password, select your image name ... then local machine name and language is entered ... then have a cup of coffee while your computer rebuilds.
      2. (Method 2) The local machine is booted via a USB pen/ DVD disk ... the image name, local machine name and language is entered ... then have a cup of coffee (50 mins?) while your computer rebuilds.
        The CDrom option will be used initially un till all the bugs are sorted out.

    • Pre-image one time considerations ..
      • Making the bootable CDrom's:
        You will need to pre-make your bootable CDrom's and/or USB pens.
        Make 3-4 Bootable devices (CDrom's) and store them safely away.
        Please note that only the CDrom option will be used until the bugs are sorted.
        Once Multicast is operational then the F12 option will be used (see caveats below).
        Click here for instructions on how to make the CDrom's..

      • Managing partitions:
        Sometimes the host machine has multiple and confusing partitions.
        This often becomes a real problem (also see choosing your bat file) and it often pays to clean this up.
        In the old days this was done with partition magic or similar but with W7 this is is done with 'diskpart' - read here for how DiskPart works.

      • Booting to a CDrom
        This can often be problematic with a number of older machines. Read here for more.

    • Steps ...
      1. Boot to the CDrom (or USB)
      2. Select your image and fill in the 2 following template pages
      3. Wait about 50 min and have a cup of coffee.

    • Post image considerations ...
      1. The Office and Windows will need to be activated.
        • This usually involves just clicking the "activate now' button and a few seconds later all is activated.
        • Licence management can be a significant management issue ... read about how you can do this here.