Difficult machines from which to boot from.

The most common problem is " I cannot get the host machine to boot" to the WinPE CD/DVD/USB.
Here are some hints in descending order of occurrence ...

  1. Most common especially on modern machines...
    On boot with the WinPE (Deployment disk) inserted keep tapping F12 until the system gives you a choice of devices to boot from.
    Care: Most will ask for confirmation just after the selection... and the machine will default to the OS if no immediate response is given.

  2. The ISO disk was not probably made properly.
    Make another one (perhaps on a different machine- the MoE laptops are good) ... ask for verification when building.
    Cleaning the DVD often helps in these cases.

  3. Older machines do not have a F12 (device section) so you have to load the Cmos (setup) and change the boot priority so that the DVD is at the top of the list.
    Watch out- you will be asked if you want to run from the CD/DVD immediately after boot.

  4. Sometime the CD/DVD Drive is damaged.
    You can use a portable pr USB DVD reader on modern machines
    Replace the DVD drive.