DiskImages Policy

It has long been a Loop goal to make the upgrading of all work stations an easy and effective process.
The Software, SIM and Sample menu services were designed to meet this need.

The missing service has been a user based workstation 'building' system.
This has been particularly hard to design and implement because of the different hardware, operating systems and applications involved.
BUT we are now close.
Schools can now choose a "work station implementation process" from a developmental line.

  1. Crytal is a fully hosted and managed network.
  2. WDS or GHIST ... this site.
    This service allows you to build a windows image for you schools work stations and then distribute them as appropriate from the Loop.
  3. Manually build individual machines as you have done in the past.


  1. MoE sponsored software. (Is windows going to be supported in the future or are we moving to open source?).
    If/When MoE no longer sponsor software then we could work with NMIT.
  2. Adobe geographic licence definition. (Makes a common licence hard to manage)
  3. School specific application licenses (see Software management service for the current solution)
  4. Multicasting is a prerequisite for this service to be ubiquitous
  5. Licenses need to ideally be volume licensed to make mass (aka Loop based) activation possible.
  6. SmartNet schools: At this point in time this service will have to re-image using either a USB or DVD media as opposed to the automatic F12 method.
    This is because the changes needed to the SmartNet system to accommodate F12 imaging are too significant


Extra resources need to build service: